Understand Why You Are Selling Your Home

Your motivation to sell is the determining factor as to how you will approach the process. It affects everything from what you set your asking price at as to how much time, money and effort you’re willing willing to invest in order to prepare your home for sale. For example as a quick sale you price it lower than when when you are just trying to maximize your profit on investment.

Deciding Upon a Real Estate Agent

A professional Real Estate Agent knows the Market and has information on current listing & recent sales to consider when setting your initial listing price and to guide you when dealing with offers and counter offers. Choose your REALTOR using on a basis of experience and qualifications with the main issue being that is someone you trust and feel confident with when dealing with changing markets and negotiating sales.


Do Not List Your Home for Sale Too Soon

Appearance is so critical that it would be unwise to ignore this when selling the look and “feel” of your home generates emotional response than any other factor. Buyers react to what they see, feel, hear even when the price is right

Clean & Fix Everything No Matter How Small

Scrub, scour tidy up, dust, get rid of clutter, repair squeaks, the faulty light switch, the little crack in the bathroom mirror and make sure all the light bulbs are working and bright.


Allow Buyer Prospects to Visualize Living in Your Home

The last thing you want is for prospective buyer to feel they are intruding into someone’s life. Try to get rid of personal knick-knacks, family photos & clutter and decorate in neutral colors like white and beige tones with a few carefully chosen items to add character.

Leave The Showing up to Buyer’s Agent

Even though you may feel your special features you think should be highlighted, the Real Estate Agent will know what his clients main requirements are and will focus on those features. Remember he wants to make the sale also.


Keep Emotions in Check During Negotiations

Let go of the emotion you have invested in your home. Stay detached using a business like manner in your negotiations. You will definitely have the advantage over those who get caught up in emotionally in the situation.

A Low Offer – Don’t Take it Personally

Invariable the initial offer is below what you feel and what the buyer’s know that they will pay for your property. Don’t be upset and evaluate the offer objectively. While the price is nearly always premier, the other terms such as the size of deposit, down payment, inclusions and the closing date will all be a indication of how sincere and how much the Buyer’s want to buy for. This may be a starting point to negotiations. Conversely the offer may be all the prospective buyer can afford - this is just part of the business.


Turn The Low Offer into SOLD

You can counter any offer that is lower than your asking price without any liability. Of course if the other terms are good you may want to counter the price only. If the price is close and the other terms are not to your liking you should consider making multiple changes in the offer. Do not discuss your reasons for the changes with the prospective buyers or their REALTOR. This is the time to talk to YOUR REALTOR before proceeding

Good Luck!